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 Our office cleaning, commercial cleaning services and building custodial operations maintains your facility with quality care, providing floor cleaning, garbage removal, washing sinks, toilets, desk and counter tops. Your facility will never run low, because I'll replenish hand towels, tissues, soaps and supplies.

We clean churches, office buildings, fitness centers, schools, restaurants, car repair shops, auto sales buildings, health care offices, stores and any other type of commercial building you have. 

Why Choose Us ?

Our cleaning will turn your establishment into a property you can remain proud of. 

Our services will ensure having a building that looks and smells great at all times. 

Our services will ensure you are provided a clean, healthy  and safe environment. 

After the cleaning is complete, your business will be  sanitized and free from germs.

What We Do?

Empty all trash receptacles in the building.

Clean trash cans, lids and replace their liners 

Wash, clean and sanitize all toilets, urinals, sinks and counter tops 

Clean all windows, mirrors, blinds and glass as needed

Replenish all hand towel, toilet paper, and soap dispensers

Wipe/clean/disinfect handles and railings

Clean/wipe/dust all of the furniture in the building. 

Sweep, mop and vacuum all carpeted floors. 

Strip, finish, wax and maintain all tile floors

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PPS Cleaning would prove to be one of the greatest choices you can ever make towards maintaining a clean and healthy environment, knowing our rates are affordable and services speak for itself 

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Contact Us

PPS Janitorial Services

PPS janitorial services understand that every office cleaning has unique needs. Feel free to message or call us with any specifics.  Your time is valuable, and we will make sure to get back to you as soon as we can.  Thanks! 

Pringle Property Services, LLC

Hartsville, South Carolina 29550, United States

(843) 603-3099 - SC (347) 292-8186 - NY (334) 520-2138 - AL (770) 810-5337 - GA (973) 433-6618 - NJ




Office hours are from 9 - 5 PM Monday through Friday

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