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Pringle Property Services Cleaning Brochure


                                                                       Cleaning Systems 

  1. Home cleaning - (pg. 4-6) Deep cleaning and disinfecting services. Many people love my cleaning. Maybe it's because I'm precise, consistent, reliable, and take pride in everything I do.
  2. Janitorial Services - (pg. 7-8) Office and building custodial operations maintains your facility with quality care, providing floor cleaning, garbage removal, washing sinks, toilets, desk and countertops. Your facility will never run low, because I'll replenish hand towels, tissues, soaps and supplies.
  3. Gutter Services - (pg. 8-9) Gutter cleaning prevents flooding, rotten wood development and corrosion produced from clogged downspouts.
  4. Pressure washing - (pg. 9-10) Pressure washing removes mildew, hazardous waste and built up oils from concrete, walls, garbage cans, decks and multiple structures.
  5. Parking lots and gas stations - (pg. 10-11) Maintenance services will keep your establishment litter free and trash cans empty and flower pots clean.
  6. Floor care / maintenance - (pg. 12) Stripping, buffing and waxing will maintain your establishment’s floors like new.
  7. Yard Cleaning - (pg. 13) I’ll keep your property free of leaves and tree branches which often clutter the grounds during the fall season. I’ll also remove any unwanted debris.
  8. Window / glass cleaning - (pg. 14) My window cleaning is very professional and I'll keep your windows spotless, free of fingerprints, dirt, dust, cobwebs and stubborn stains.




Welcome to Pringle Property Services , as we offer a wide range of property maintenance, restoration, renovation and management services, in the categories of landscaping, remodeling, plumbing, electrical, handyman installations, repairs and cleaning. 

PPS specialize in home/commercial cleaning, deodorizing, disinfecting, carpet cleaning, window cleaning, grounds keeping, parking lot sweeping, gas stations, building maintenance, pressure washing, post construction cleaning, floor buffing, janitorial maintenance, move-ins and move-outs. 

Most people point out the fact that we are focused on making their establishment comfortable and refreshing. However, The truth is, we are really concerned about the same things they are and that is their health. our goals are comprised to the healthiness of residential and commercial environments. 


Residential Basic

Basic Home Cleaning Procedure


  • Wiping/dusting ceiling fans
  • Wiping/dusting picture frames and baseboards
  • Wiping/dusting all furniture and appliances
  • Cobweb removal
  • Cleaning tub, shower and shower doors
  • Cleaning toilets
  • Cleaning and shining mirrors
  • Cleaning knobs, handles, outlets and light switches
  • Cleaning and disinfecting counter tops
  • Cleaning and disinfecting sinks
  • Cleaning and disinfecting microwave (inside and out)
  • Cleaning stove (outside)
  • Cleaning refrigerator (outside)
  • Cleaning cabinets (outside)
  • Wiping and dusting china cabinets and all furniture
  • Vacuuming sofas
  • Cleaning chairs
  • Changing linen
  • Cleaning and disinfecting table
  • Straightening up and organizing neatly
  • Wiping and dusting blinds and window seals
  • Vacuuming/Sweeping and mopping
  • Trash removal and liner replacement
  • Washing/Cleaning and disinfecting garbage receptacles and lids


Residential Detail Cleaning

Deep Home Cleaning Procedure


  1. Deep Cleaning:

  • Washing/cleaning  baseboards and trim
  • Wiping/dusting picture frames
  • Washing/cleaning appliances
  • Washing/cleaning blinds, windows and seals
  • Wiping and dusting china cabinets and all furniture
  • Wiping/dusting/Cleaning chairs
  • Washing/Cleaning tubs, showers and shower doors
  • Washing/Cleaning and disinfecting  toilets
  • Washing/Cleaning and disinfecting tables
  • Vacuuming sofas
  • Cleaning cobwebs
  • Cleaning/wiping and disinfecting door knobs, handles, outlets and light switches
  • Changing linen
  • Washing/Cleaning and disinfecting counter tops
  • Washing/Cleaning and disinfecting sinks
  • Washing/Cleaning microwave inside and out
  • Washing/Cleaning stove inside and outside
  • Washing/Cleaning refrigerator inside and outside
  • Washing/Cleaning cabinets inside and outside
  • Straightening up and organizing neatly
  • Sweeping and mopping
  • Trash removal and liner replacement


Additional home Cleaning services:

Refrigerator Detail $30: (only $20, with home cleaning)

Interior: removal of all contents, clean racks and disinfect interior, replace contents and wipe them clean.

Exterior: Removal of all contents, cleaning and disinfecting surfaces, including handles, switches and components. Stove and oven detail $30: (only $20, with home cleaning)


Janitorial Services

Why Choose Us?

  • Our cleaning will prove devotion, maintaining a clean and healthy environment.
  • We will begin by providing you with a great friendly customer greeting and care.
  • We will make you feel secure in trusting me to handle your cleaning and maintenance.
  • Our rates are affordable and the service  results resonate with a pleasant presence. 
  • When entering your establishment you’ll smell the cleansing in the air as the aroma reaches out to you. You'll receive confirmation with the touch of every surface.
  • Our cleaning will turn your establishment into a property you can remain proud of. 
  • Our services will ensure having a building that looks and smells great at all times. 
  • Our services will ensure you are provided a clean, healthy  and safe environment. 
  • After the cleaning is complete, your business will be  sanitized and free from germs.

 As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals. I would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry. With a variety of offerings to choose from, I’m sure you'll be happy working with me.

Janitorial Procedure

What we do?

  1. Empty all trash receptacles in the building.
  2. Clean trash cans, lids and replace their liners 
  3. Wash, clean and sanitize all toilets, urinals, sinks and counter tops 
  4. Clean all windows, mirrors, blinds and glass as needed
  5. Replenish all hand towel, toilet paper, and soap dispensers
  6. Wipe/clean/disinfect handles and railings
  7. Clean/wipe/dust all of the furniture in the building. 
  8. Sweep, mop and vacuum all carpeted floors. 
  9. Strip, finish, wax and maintain all tile floors
  10. Keep inventory/organization of janitorial supplies and usage

We clean churches, office buildings, fitness centers, schools, restaurants, car repair shops, auto sales buildings, health care offices, stores and any other type of commercial building you have.